SEI 2017 每日更新 第十九日

Travel Week Day One


The first day of travel week was both informational and adventurous – setting the tone for the rest of the week. Students traveled to the University of California Los Angeles (UCLA) and then to the Santa Monica Beach and Pier. The SEI staff enjoyed watching the students practice their English, as they read about famous spots on the UCLA campus during the tour and made purchases while shopping at the beach.

旅行周的第一天不仅信息量大而且充满探险尝鲜的乐趣,这为接下来的一周奠定了基础。同学们一路前往加州大学洛杉矶分校,然后去圣莫妮卡海滩、港口游玩。 SEI工作人员非常开心能看到同学们有机会在校园以外练习英语。他们在加州大学洛杉矶分校用英语了解各个有名景点的信息,还在圣莫妮卡海滩附近用英语购物,与店员沟通。


UCLA Tour and History Lesson


Upon arriving at UCLA, the students were taken on a tour by their RTAs. UCLA is a famous campus, often featured in American movies. Additionally, the University is known for having a large international student population (12%) with over 100 countries represented at the school. UCLA is ranked #23 in the nation by the U.S. News & World Report and currently has over 43,000 students. Despite 29,500+ students that attend the university, the school has a 17% acceptance rate and is currently the most applied to university in the nation. After the tour, students ate lunch at the Student Union and shopped in the UCLA campus store.

同学们在RTA的带领下来到了加州大学洛杉矶分校(UCLA),并由RTA细心地导游去认识这所名校。UCLA的校园非常有名气,其中多个场景都出现在电影里。 不仅如此,这所大学有一群庞大的国际生,大约占学校12%的人口,由来自100个不同国家的同学们组成。UCLA被U.S.News和World Report排名列为美国第23名的学校,目前有43,000位学生在此就读。尽管现在有超过29,500个同学上这所大学的本科,但是这个学校的招生比例只占17%,是美国目前为止最热门的大学。在参观了校园,同学们在UCLA的学生中心饱餐一顿后,有机会在学校的书店购物。

Santa Monica Beach and Pier


The Santa Monica Beach is a beautiful, lively area with over 5.5 kilometers of stunning coastline. The pier, which extends over 300 meters into the water, is over 100 years old and is a popular landmark for both residents and visitors of the Los Angeles area. The entrance of the pier is very famous and has been featured in many American feature films. Students had plenty of time to soak up the sun at the beach, enjoy amusement park rides on the pier, shop at an assortment of stores and choose from a variety of novelty restaurants. While travel week is full of fun adventures, the students are also continuing to practice their English outside the classroom. It is enjoyable for the staff to observe students interacting with the locals and engaging in conversation with native English speakers.

圣莫尼卡海滩是一个美丽又热闹的景区,有着超过5.5公里惊人长度的海岸线。这个拥有着100多年历史的码头一直延伸到300米以外的水域, 是洛杉矶地区居民和游客的出游的著名里程碑。码头的入口闻名千里,曾在多个美国电影的镜头中出现。学生们有充足的时间沐浴在海滩上的阳光中,在码头上享受游乐园的娱乐设施,到各种各样的商店里购物,并从附近新奇各异的餐馆中挑选食物。旅游周不仅充满了有趣的冒险,而且学生们也不停地在课外练习英语。工作人员很喜欢看到学生与英语母语的当地人交流。

Staff Highlight: Resident Life Directors, Mr. & Mrs. Tranchell

SEI 2017 员工聚光灯:学生生活指导员,Caroline Tranchell 女士和 Alessio Tranchell 先生‘

Student Life Directors Caroline and Alessio Tranchell are in their first year working at SEI. With a combined seven years of experience working in student life, the Tranchells bring an adventurous and interpersonal spirit to the SEI team. Having had the privilege of being host parents to nine international students, and both having been raised abroad for much of their youth, they understand and value the benefits of cross-cultural immersion. Currently, Mr. Tranchell serves as a music professor at Crown College while Mrs. Tranchell works in the student life department at the University of Northwestern while she completes her Masters of Education in Youth Development Leadership at the University of Minnesota.

这是学生生活导师Caroline Tranchell 和 Alessio Tranchell在SEI第一年的工作。他们曾在学生生活指导部门工作过七年,他们将冒险精神和丰富的人际交往经验带到了SEI这个团队。由于Tranchell夫妇曾共接待过九个国际学生,而且青年时期都在国外生活过,他们重视并明白跨文化的好处。目前, Tranchell先生在克朗学院担任音乐教授。Tranchell女士在西北大学工作的同时,还在明尼苏达大学攻读青年发展领导教育硕士学位。

Fun fact: The Tranchells celebrate their anniversary every year by backpacking through a different mountain trail in the US.






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