About WAnet

惠顿联网是一个美国私立中学的联网,成员学校遍布美国各地。每所学校都具备高水准的学术课程和要求。为服务于渴望在美国学习的国际学生,惠顿联网所有的成员学校使用统一的招生途径以及预备项目。惠顿联网的学生在参加完暑期英语学校(Summer English Institute, SEI, 即预备项目)之后,将进入一所由惠顿联网与学生家庭和服务代表通力筛选的最佳契合的成员学校。所惠顿联网学校每年为国际学生提供共计数百个名额。

Our Team 我们的队伍

Mr. Benjamin Euler

WAnet Director 总监
WeChat: Euler_WAnet
Email: beuler@wanetusa.org

Mrs. Anna Kynast

Administrative Assistant 行政助理
WeChat: Kynast_WAnet
Email: akynast@wanetusa.org

Mr. Brad Henry

Admissions Counselor
WeChat: Henry_WAnet
Email: bhenry@wanetusa.org

Gold Level Authorized Recruiting Partners

WAnet has a number of authorized Recruiting Partners in various countries, including China. The following are "Gold Level" authorized Recruiting Partners who have worked with WAnet over a number of years with a significant number of students each year. If you would like additional help in the application and advising process, we encourage you to contact them and use their services. WAnet does have additional Recruiting Partners. Please contact us if you have any questions regarding whether someone is an authorized representative of WAnet.

Lily Li

省: Fujian
市: Xiamen
电子邮件地址: lilycsm@hotmail.com
微信: lilyxm1968

Dr. Andy Wen & Josie Wen

市: Hong Kong
电子邮件地址: josiewen@outlook.com / andy.c.wen@gmail.com
微信: wxidJosieNg / andywen2034